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David Sharkey

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In today's dynamic world, the markets keep changing, and charting a business' course is a never-ending loop. Being successful requires a focus on clarity and the resilience to persevere. David Sharkey is an acclaimed strategist with experience in Fortune 25 organizations as well as some of the largest FMCG groups in Africa and the Middle East.

A trained Mechanical Engineer, he began his career at Crowley Carbon, a software monitoring systems and energy efficiency company valued at a billion dollars. At the very start of his career, he was selected to lead some of the fastest-growing projects, acting as the Project Lead and Sales Audit Engineer. As someone who thrives on complexity, David enjoys untangling complex projects and making them tangible. He has been responsible for delivering incredibly complicated projects across various countries and industries.

He strongly believes that without strategy execution is pointless, and without proper execution, strategy is counterproductive. As ODLA's CSO, he is continually working towards disrupting traditional online platforms and systems with large scale, multi-million dollar transformation projects.

Digital Business Transformation
e-Commerce & Online Strategy
Procurement & Product Execution
Energy & Power Systems
Operations & Logistical Analysis

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